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Smoky Gammon Style SeitHam Roast

This smoky plant-based version of the old fashioned gammon roast has just the right texture and that highly sought after smoky flavour. You can use is in so many ways: Glazed for a roast dinner, dressed up as a Sweedish Christmas Ham, cold and thinly sliced in a sandwich, cubed and fried in your stew or stir-fry. Or just as it is whenever that craving hits you. You can also freeze it and save it for a later day.


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The "How to Get Your Partner to Eat Mushrooms" Burgers

Andy does not like mushrooms. It is not an allergy thing. He just hates the texture and how it feels when chewing them. I have been experimenting with using finely minced mushrooms in some dishes and even Andy likes it ... and yes, he does know that there are mushrooms in them and he still loves them. Success!


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Chickwheat Rendang

On request from viewers of the Canning Chickwheat video wanting to know about the texture of chickwheat after canning, I opened a jar of home-canned chickwheat and filmed while cooking it for dinner. I used it to make Chickwheat Rendang and served it with coconut rice and vegetables. Enjoy!


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