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Homemade Veggie Stock Cubes
(Vegan - Minimal Waste)

What do you do with all the waste you cut off vegetables? The ribs of kale, ends of carrots, broccoli stalks, cauliflower leaves, onion skins ... and so on. It can all be used to make the most flavoursome homemade stock cubes ...


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Reusable Cloth Wipes and Other Minimal Waste Swaps

Reusable cloth wet wipes and other minimal waste swaps (no single-use plastic) We are very conscious of the effect of single-use plastic and other disposable products have on our environment.


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Merry Christmas 2020 - Time Lapse Illustration

Surmulerum wishes you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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Homemade Baked Beans Heinz Style - Vegan

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Merry Christmas 2020
Time Lapse Illustration

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Happy 10th Birthday to my Granddaughter, Lea


We are Lise and Andy, an illustrator and a musician, the collaboration of whom you will see here.

Surmulerum? Well ... it's our "Den" of creativity, the place where our ideas happen and come together. 

We are also trying to be environmentally conscious and aim to create minimum waste and zero single-use plastic. We eat plant-based food and you can expect some recipes and videos both here and on our YouTube channel.

Thank you for watching our videos. If you like it, please give us a thumbs up on YouTube and subscribe to our channel. It's completely free.



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