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Appliqué Baby Bibs

These cute appliqué baby bibs are the perfect gift for that baby shower, as a Christening present or for the child’s first birthday. Easy to make as a week-end project and with the benefit of using up some of your scrap fabric.

... and Christmas is coming up soon!


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Vegetable Fresh Bags

Are you tired of carrots turning black because they have been stored in a plastic bag or becoming limp because they have not? Soft and wrinkly peppers or having spring onions go droopy and slimy after just a day or two in the fridge? ... what about broccoli that yellows after just a few days? Say hello to vegetables that last for weeks in the fridge. Most vegetables can last much longer in these fresh bags. I have even had carrots that last for months.


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Quilted Patchwork Oven Glove

Need a new oven glove? have lots of scrap fabrics? like sewing? - This patchwork, quilted oven-glove has been on my to-do list for a long time and I am so pleased to finally retire that old worn out faded one.


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